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Human Resources Development

Training Program & Development

For the implementation of training and development programs for the Company employees, during 2015 the Company has allocated amount of Rp. 145 million for employees training and development programs. The training that was followed and attended by employees are in-house training that organized by third parties.

Extracurricular Activities

Mens sana in corpore sano (there is a healthy soul in a healthy body), the Company realizes the importance of health and wellness of employees within the Company. Therefore, the Company provides opportunities to all employees to participate in various sport activities which are able to assist the employee to maintain good health and improve body fitness, as were the activities such as bowling, badminton, and body work which are held on routine every week.

Human Resource Management

Employee Award

Simultaneously the Company gives award to employees with tenure more than five years and multiple thereof with uninterrupted, as an appreciation token for employees loyal work whose have devoted time and thought for the Company. Official anniversary award that were given in a form of plaque award signed by the Board of Directors, and money reward.

Employee Remuneration

The  company provides a competitive remuneration package according to the market place, which are consist of a fixed salary and allowances, bonuses attributed to achievement of Company's profits at the end of current year, and healthcare facilities for employees and their families. Remuneration package is regularly evaluated to ensure that the salary movement is in accordance with the market price.

Retirement Program

In order to create conducive working situation and to improve the performance of employees at PT Patra Badak Arun Solusi, the Company has conducted retirement program which are apply to freelance workers in PT Patra Badak Arun Solusi. The retirement program that was held by the Company are defined contribution retirement program by involving all employees who has meet the requirements of the Institute of Financial Pension Fund that is held by Bank Negara Indonesia.

Industrial Relations

In managing industrial relations, the Company ensure that working relationship between the management and employees are well established, so that they can create a conducive workingrelationship and avoid internal disputes. Therefore, the Company has made Company's regulation as guidelines for employees to determine their rights and responsibilities to the Company. At this time the Company has not been yet establish employees union. In order to maintain the quality of employees performance within the Company and to support the operational needs, the Company is committed to constantly working to develop the competence of employees on an ongoing basis.